Meet the IBRACE Group

We offer a complete solution so you and your company doesn’t need to hire several suppliers to complete one service. We can handle the complete cycle, starting from the development, tests, until the certification, anticipating the
lauching of the product to the market. Our Group has the following units:

IBRACE – Certification body designated by ANATEL to certify TELECOM and RF devices.

ICBR – Certification body Accredited by the Coordination General of Accreditation of INMETRO to certify electronic devices.

CERTLAB – Testing Laboratory Accredited by the Coordination General of Accreditation of INMETRO (ILAC MEMBER) to test electronic devices.

IPDA – Institute that acts on the development of softwares, hardwares and high quality technological solutions.


Working in 3 shifts 24 hours a day 5 days a week

Best market lead times

Over 25.000 certificates issued

Exclusive and individual support

Over 60.000 products tested


To promote and execute services of testing, technical reports, product certification, and provide R&D automation solutions.


  • To be market leader.
  • To be considered the main reference of a fast and precise service by our clients.
  • To be considered the main reference of trust by regulatory entities.
  • To be considered by our associates and shareholders the main reference of rentability.
  • To be considered the main reference for a great place to work by our staff.


To seek for excellence in our process, aiming to conquer the trust within our clients, partners, regulatory agencies, always acting in a transparent, imparcial and ethical way.


Besides offering a pleasant and a fair working environment, we should respect our coworkers.

Besides being honest, we must be ethic.

Besides providing a good support, we must conquer, enchant and respect our clients, partners and regulatory agencies.

Besides being precise we must be fast.

Some of products we certificate